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I. General Info:

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II. Design Elements:

Is there an item or theme that you would like to use as inspiration for your site? If so, what is it?

What color pallet would you like to be used on your site? (Please provide at least 3; i.e. 20% black, 70% white, 10% blue)

Describe the style of your project/site (elegant, modern, edgy, sophisticated, corporate, rock 'n roll, light, dark etc.):

Please provide three (3) example web sites from other sources that give a similar feel and/or contain elements that you like and would like your site to be inspired by. You can use any design/graphic imagery, such as a magazine or CD cover. Please provide copies of these examples or links to the websites. For each example, tell us:

URL 1:

What do you like about this site/image?

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What do you like about this site/image?

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What do you like about this site/image?

If providing tangible designs/graphical imagery, magazines, CD covers, etc., please describe what you like about them below and email/mail them to the contacts at the bottom of the page:

Upload your examples (files should be 8 mess or less and .jpg, .gif, .png, .pdf or .txt):

III. Logo Development:

Do you need a logo designed? If so, would you like it to be iconic, typographic or a combination of both? Please describe:

IV. Site Features/Pages:

Please provide a list of the sections (site navigation) that you need for your site (i.e. Home, Gallery, About Me, Bio, Store, Blog, etc.) and a description of each. Please explain how you would like each page to function (i.e. future/scheduled posting, admin tool for updating on your own, archived and what type of files will be shown: .mov, .flv, .swf, .jpg if applicable, contact form etc.):

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Please list your bottom information/static (footer) navigation/sections (i.e. contact, faq, privacy policy, web masters or affiliates etc.):

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V. Logistics:

Do you have a hosting account that you would like to use?

Is your website a membership/subscription site?

Will you be selling hard goods on your website?

If yes, please describe what you will be selling below. Include: number of products, categories if applicable, shipping options needed, how you would like products displayed and if you will need fulfillment integration:

Will you be selling digital downloadable or streaming content on your website?

Do you have a merchant account?

Do you have a payment processor and/or gateway?

Do you have a budget for this project and if so, what is your budget?

Is there anything else we should know about you or your project that may be important and wasn't already covered above?